Payment Options

Choose Your Payment

RiverLink puts the power of choice in your hands with options to fit your needs. To use the most convenient and lowest cost option, you need to have a transponder and an established prepaid account. You can set up your account online at the secure website using your credit card, debit card or checking account. You can also set up your account by phone or in person at one of the RiverLink Customer Service Centers. The Customer Service Centers also accept cash.

You can create your personal account with a minimum balance of $20 or fund it with any higher amount you choose. When you reach a low account balance, RiverLink will replenish your account with an automatic charge to a credit card, debit card or checking account. Or, we will send you a reminder via text, email or traditional mail to let you know you need to replenish your account.

Decide What Works Best For You

There are also options for paying tolls that don’t require a transponder, but these options cost more. The little time and effort it takes to get a transponder can really save you money, even if you don’t cross the bridges very often.

Tolling Choice #1

  • Obtain a transponder
  • Establish a prepaid account
  • Sensors recognize your transponder every time you cross
  • Your toll is automatically deducted from your account
  • Offers the greatest convenience and lowest cost

Tolling Choice #2

  • No prepaid account
  • No registration of license plate
  • Your license plate is photographed on each crossing
  • An invoice is mailed to the registered vehicle owner
  • Toll rates are highest due to increased administrative costs