Rental Car Toll Payments Options

RiverLink is all-electronic tolling. There are no toll booths, no coin buckets and no waiting in line. Traffic flows normally, without stopping. There are three tolled bridges connecting Louisville and Southern Indiana, the two I-65 bridges (Kennedy and Lincoln bridges) and the SR 265 bridge (Lewis and Clark Bridge).
Drivers with transponders pay the lowest rates. For drivers without transponders and prepaid accounts, cameras capture license plates and invoices are sent to the registered owner of the vehicle. In the case of rental cars, invoices are sent and paid through the rental car company.
Check with your rental car company for its policy and options for paying tolls. Each company has its own policy.
Oftentimes, rental car companies charge drivers additional fees that are not collected by RiverLink and are not part of toll charges.

Use a Transponder

Drivers with transponders pay the lowest toll rates. Whether using a transponder you already own, or whether you acquire
a transponder, keep these important tips in mind:

  • Check with your rental car company to ensure you can use your own transponder.
  • Properly install the transponder in the rental vehicle, and add the rental vehicle information and license plate number to your RiverLink or E-ZPass account.
  • Remove the transponder from the vehicle AND remove the vehicle information from your account when returning the rental vehicle. Tolls charged to that vehicle will be your responsibility as long as the vehicle is on your account.

The transponder must be properly installed in the rental vehicle to function properly. If the transponder is not properly
installed, the rental car company will receive an invoice from RiverLink and the company may charge the driver added fees.

No Transponder or Prepaid Account

If you cross a tolled bridge without a transponder or prepaid account, an invoice will be sent to the rental car company.

Important information:

  • Drivers in rental cars cannot call RiverLink to pay tolls owed after crossing bridges.
  • Tolls must be paid with a transponder and prepaid account, or through the rental car company.
  • RiverLink charges rental car companies the same toll rates as all other drivers.
  • Any additional fees and charges are through the rental car company. Call your rental car company with any questions regarding your toll fees or charges.

Use Your Own Transponder

This is the lowest-cost option. If you have a RiverLink E-ZPass transponder or an E-ZPass transponder from another tolling
system, it is compatible with the RiverLink system and you will pay the lowest toll rate.

Important information: If the rental car already has a transponder installed, be sure to switch if off. Use of multiple transponders may result in incorrect tolling charges. You can also acquire a transponder

Get Your Own Transponder

If you don’t have a transponder that will work with the RiverLink system, consider getting one. You have several options.

RiverLink E-ZPass transponder

  • It works anywhere in the E-ZPass network.
  • It’s $15 per transponder when opening a RiverLink account. The minimum balance to open a RiverLink personal account
    is $20.
  • It adheres to the windshield with hook and loop fasteners and is transferable among vehicles registered to a single RiverLink account. A personal account can include up to four vehicles.

RiverLink local transponder

  • It works only on the three tolled bridges connecting Louisville and Southern Indiana.
  • It’s free of charge (one per registered vehicle) when opening a prepaid RiverLink account. The minimum balance to open a RiverLink personal account is $20.
  • The local transponder is a sticker. It cannot be moved from vehicle to vehicle. When you remove the transponder from the rental vehicle, it is destroyed and no longer usable.
  • You can request a replacement transponder to access any remaining balance in your RiverLink account. The first replacement transponder is free. Additional replacements are $5 each.

RiverLink local and RiverLink E-ZPass transponders are mailed, free of charge, after you open a prepaid Riverlink account. You will pay the lower, transponder toll rate while waiting for your transponder to arrive, if the vehicle is registered to your account.

RiverLink Starter Kits

RiverLink starter kits are available at select retailers in Kentucky and Southern Indiana.
A kit includes a RiverLink local transponder and a reload card.

  • The local transponder included in the kit only works on the three tolled bridges connecting Louisville and Southern Indiana.
  • Drivers do not need to register their transponder or their vehicle, but they must activate the account at the store register and properly install the transponder in the vehicle.
  • Drivers must load a minimum of $20 on the transponder at checkout. There is a one-time $3.00 activation fee.
  • Remove the prepaid transponder when returning the rental vehicle. The transponder will be destroyed and is no longer usable.
  • Any balance associated with the retail kit is not refundable. Drivers should note the transponder number to transfer the balance
    to a RiverLink account. Drivers must call 855-RIV-LINK (855-748-5465) or visit a RiverLink customer service center to set up a
    prepaid account and request a new transponder.