A Historic New Link Between Indiana And Kentucky

After decades of debate, planning and construction, the largest project ever built in this area will soon be completed. When finished, the new downtown Abraham Lincoln Bridge, the improved Kennedy Bridge, the new Lewis and Clark Bridge and the rebuilt Spaghetti Junction will more than double the cross-river traffic capacity, eliminate dangerous merges at the interchange of three interstate highways and complete a suburban loop that was envisioned more than 40 years ago.

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Transforming Our Region

The new bridges and interchange systems will have a dramatic impact on our entire region, affecting even those who never use the bridges. Of course, the major benefit will be safer travel through what has historically been some of the most accident-prone areas on either side of the river. In addition, eliminating traffic jams will help ease air pollution. But beyond the direct impact on motorists, improving mobility will also add several not-so-obvious benefits.

New Infrastructure

New opportunities for industrial, commercial, retail and residential development will all be created. Infrastructure improvements will make us more competitive in attracting businesses and will lead to more jobs and a stronger economy. A study by the Economic Development Research Group in Boston projected an economic impact of more than $87 billion over the next 30 years and a gain of more than 15,000 new jobs.

Our communities will be united like never before by a system that will make it faster and easier to experience all our area has to offer. And behind all the progress, the improvements and the benefits we’ll all feel, is the system that makes it all possible, RiverLink.

An Unprecedented Joint Effort

Funding a massive project of this scale took an unprecedented joint effort between Indiana and Kentucky, plus support from the Federal Highway Administration. But even those efforts fell short of the projected $2.3 billion cost. To move the project forward, leaders of both states and FHWA agreed that toll revenue would be used to fill the gap between project costs and traditional sources of transportation funding.

RiverLink was created to provide a fast, easy to use, highly efficient system that lets you choose the toll payment option that works best for you.

Bridge Project Website

Visit the Louisville-Southern Indiana Ohio River Bridges Project website for more history here.